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Services We Offer

The First Step

To begin we have a complimentary initial consultation in person, by Zoom meeting or by phone.  We talk about where you are in terms of savings, income and expenses and where you want to be.  If you have been working with another advisor we can give a complimentary second opinion of your current plan.  Here is a list of the services we offer if you become a client.

Retirement Planning

Whether you dream of retirement in 5 years or 25, we will show you how to get there.  We answer questions like: How much do I need to save? What if I have not started saving? Are my 401(k) and other investments working hard enough for me? Are there Medicare, tax and social security strategies I should know about? How do I prepare for the unexpected?  What will my monthly income be during retirement?  How will I know when I have reached the finish line?

Investment Management

Our clients range from the ultra-conservative to the very aggressive. We establish your comfort with investment risk through an online analysis tool and handcraft an investment strategy which meets your goals and time horizon.  Because we are not affiliated with any national brokerage house, we provide independent, unbiased advice and give you access to all investment products and strategies.  

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the economy and educate you about the rapidly changing market trends. We monitor your portfolio and cash-flow needs, making sure your short-term and long-term goals are met providing financial confidence to enjoy what matters most to you.

401K Rollovers

Do you have one or more 401Ks from previous employers?  Do you keep meaning to do something with them?  We provide our clients a complimentary analysis and strategic proposal to consolidate those investments, maximizing your benefits long term. 

Personalized Financial Plans

A large percentage of our clients come to us for a financial plan.  Once we establish your short and long-term goals and objectives, we create a customized financial strategy which gives you clarity about a broad range of factors including offensive strategies designed to get you where you want to go.

Examples include a clear look at monthly expenses, debt reduction, monthly savings require as well as how they should be invested. Your defensive strategies will be designed to protect you and your family from the unexpected including protection against disability, additional costs of medical care as you age, and protection against an unforeseen death. We also help you coordinate your beneficiaries, wills, powers of attorney and advanced health directives so that your wishes are carried out as you intend. Financial planning will give you the confidence to achieve your goals through clarity, which leads to action and ultimately results.  

Lastly, as a part of our planning process you will also be granted access to your own personalized secure webpage with a real-time linked view of all your income, expense, banking and even investments held elsewhere so you may see your total net worth in one place at any time. We will revisit your plan with you quarterly, focusing on financial planning milestones and action items.  This ongoing engagement with our office keeps you on track and on goal.